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Up Sell and Cross Sell Support

Up Sell and Cross Sell Support

Up Sell and Cross Sell support can help you maximize your sales. In outsourcing scenario cross selling and up selling can be used interchangeably as both the services aim at enhancing sales via some additional or appealing services or products. However, it needs an expert to understand the finer nuances of the business. Our long-standing relation with various offshore outsourcing companies, and providing them effective service delivery solution has taught us well as to how to sell the “fries with the burger”.

Our call center advisors, based in outsourcing facility in India are trained to handle potential up-sell and cross-sell clients or customers. The agents are trained to engage with the customers accordingly while keeping the circumstances and the temperament in view. The communication mediums our agents choose also depend on the accessibility criteria of the customers. Our advisors also build research database, identifying various up-sell and cross-sell areas to maximize on their potential.

The up sell and cross sell support services offered by Gurgaon IT Hub includes:

  •     Database creation to build a database of valuable customer information
  •     Customized market strategies and offering
  •     Mailing services and other multiple media engagement channel development
  •     Strategizing temporary and seasonal up-sell and cross-sell techniques

We specialize in: