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Customer Retention

Customer Retention

With various competitive energy players operating in the market, building and retaining customer’s loyalty is no longer easy. We understand the competition in the market and to counter that we come loaded with years of industry experience in energy and utilities customer retention management services.

We design strategies and plans after thorough market research and analysis. Our team at Gurgaon IT Hub is prepared with latest technology to handle market fluctuations in the customer service for utilities & energy. We keep track of your competitor and study market data to come up with various customer engagement and retention strategies.

We offer our services in energy and utilities customer management services which include help, support, customer loyalty and retention. We are fully equipped and capable of running a fully self-sufficient energy and utilities BPO.

The resources we have for energy and utilities functions are not only qualified professionals but they also have industry experience to provide sound strategies to retain customers. From providing discounts or offers on various plans or upgrades, our resources also work in coordination with the sales team to come up with loyalty programs.

Our customer retention offering include:

  •     Engaging customer service
  •     On boarding
  •     Introducing new plans or upgrades
  •     Launching offers or discounts after market analysis
  •     Creating loyalty programs
  •     Dispute Resolution

Our major offerings are:

  •     Sales
  •     Back-office support