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Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer Service Outsourcing

At Gurgaon IT Hub, we understand how your sales and profitability depends on customer satisfaction. We have developed various industry specific customer care solutions that cater to your business needs related to tech support, inbound sales, call routing, cross selling and upselling services. Our specialized service offerings make us one of the most efficient call centre service providers in India.

We have developed a customer relationship and support management structure that is dedicated to improve the relations of our client organizations with their customers.

The Gurgaon IT Hub customer support structure offers advanced telecom technology, skilled and experienced customer care agents, loyalty schemes and retention methods, all in one place.

Our Bpo in Gurgaon offers you a one - stop - shop solution for all customer care related concerns. From developing training modules for agents to designing various customer retention programs as well as managing the customer database, we can provide end - to - end project management in customer care services. We have developed various applications and also make use of various different high-end tools for outsourced customer care management.

Gurgaon IT Hub incorporates various tested business strategies to provide a conditioned customer care management solution to its clients.

Some of our offering includes:

  •     Inbound sales support
  •     Call routing
  •     Cross sell and upsell support
  •     Customer retention strategies
  •     Multi-channel customer engagement
  •     Quality Check