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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Businesses are looking for new ways to grow online in order to beat the rising competition by global contenders and new players entering the market. To fulfil the need of having an interactive marketing model, Gurgaon IT Hub is extending its assistance to enterprises world-wide.  

Online lead generation is an Internet marketing tactic that refers to the generation of prospective consumer interest or inquiry into a business' products or services through the Internet. Leads can be generated for a variety of purposes- list building, e-newsletter list acquisition and building out reward programs, loyalty programs or for other member acquisition programs.

From marketing strategy to analytics to customer acquisition to campaign management, we at Gurgaon IT Hub, have extensive suite of online lead generation services to handle all enterprise-wide requirements of clients. Having years of relevant experience across various sectors, we help organizations drive revenue, improving their processes, increasing their efficiencies and reducing the overall business costs. By enhancing the brand equity of an organisation among their end-customers and prospects, we deliver maximum customer engagement.

Our unique and robust online B2B and B2C lead generation techniques grow a brand’s visibility and market presence strategically. We develop highly effective marketing strategies to engage prospects on various social and online platforms. We analyze and understand customer behaviour of a particular target audience and plan campaign accordingly. By managing PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns as per customer demographics, we do budget-specific advertising yet target mass audience via effective means. We generate sales and marketing leads via PPC campaigns, direct mails, social media marketing and similar processes, in order to drive high business performance.

We follow three main pricing models of the online advertising market by which marketers can buy online advertising space and generate leads, i.e, cost per thousand, cost per click and cost per action.

Service offerings:

  •     Online Campaign Development and Management
  •     Lead Generation and Nurturing
  •     Sourcing Prospects and Targeting Customers
  •     Sales Prospecting
  •     Customer Database Management
  •     Conducting Surveys