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Skill Based Call Routing

Skill Based Call Routing

At Gurgaon IT Hub our clients can work with superior telecom technology that facilitates skill based call routing. Automated Call Distributors or Dialers enable easy mapping of customer type with agent skills. The process is automated which saves an agent’s time and energy.Instead of waiting for next available agent, the dialers automatically map a particular call type to a suitable agent possessing that particular training or skillset.

However, as one of the most experienced call center services and solutions providers in India, Gurgaon IT Hub understands how our clients, especially in outsourcing domain, can benefit immensely from skills-based call routing services.

Therefore we understand why automatic call distributors and call routing systems  are a huge success in call centers and how they help in improving customer engagement. This in result improves call flow, reduces average handling time and increases customer loyalty, ultimately aiding long term advantage.

The skill bases call routing offering include:

  •     Use of high-end dialer technology (automated call distributors)
  •     Reduced average call handling time
  •     Match Call types with Agent skills
  •     Increased levels of customer satisfaction
  •     Improved customer retention
  •     Increase in agent performance

Our technological strong hold is in:


  •     Remote CCTV Surveillance