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Coworking Office Space

Coworking Office Space


  • Mobility Centre (Accessibility)
  • Contact Centre Seats & Services (Plug & Play)
  • Seats on lease
  • Hot-desking (Economies of scale)
  • Training Rooms / Conference Rooms / Executive Cabins
  • Multiple Shifts (Ease of operations)
  • Multitasking (Flexibility)
  • Personal Office Space (Privacy)
  • Shared Office Space (Openness)
  • Sales Office (Practicality)
  • Disaster Recovery Site (Real Time Back-up)


If People, Performance, Project Management is your forte, we have the Place for you. Forget overheads, its’ time to explore networking and collaboration without leaving our office environment. We offer a facility of coworking space, which facilitates you to carry forward your business ventures in the most professional manner. Also, your network community will be sitting right next to you, just walk up to them and say, Hello!

Businesses today, both established and startups are looking to scale up their operations. This is where Business Centres and other commercial establishments, commercial office space providers and hubs act as perfect partners and launch pads. They provide a relaxed and affordable environment, accessibility, openness, but do not compromise on service delivery. One of the options available is to talk to the specialists’ centres that go beyond the realm of four wall concept with their state of the art infrastructure and technical prowess. These are more than just furnished offices as they offer end to end IT support, 24/7 accessibility, fully compliant, safe environment and flexibility not only in choosing a lease option, but also office accessibility options where budget is tight and last but not the least reduced cost of operations without tailoring one’s operations.

GITH (Gurgaon IT Hub) leverages its access to 30,000 sq. ft. of pure IT and IT enabled office environment complete with the necessary resources ideal for companies and startups who not only require a plug and play environment but cannot ignore location, space, environment, technology and future scope of expansion.

Gurgaon IT Hub offers a space that is almost tailor made to the needs and expectations of its clients offering both practical as well as specialised facilities ranging from aesthetically pleasing working environment for startups to an infrastructure replete with latest hardware and telecommunication network with a network core to route calls to support business interests of SME’s whose domain expertise could be as diverse as technical support, customer support, education, web design & development, travel, application and software development, eCommerce, technical support etc. to name a few.

By choosing a certain kind of setup at GITH, you are looking at benefits and services that stretch much beyond renting a workstation. From vast open and transparent setups to private spaces that offer exclusivity, the options are more than what you would initially visualise. But that’s not where it ends; you can also make the most optimal use of shared services like meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, reception, walk-in interviews lobby, cafeteria, parking, 100% CCTV surveillance and physical security to name a few. The prospect of co-working or operating out of a fully functional facility irrespective of the nature and need of different professionals comes at a very attractive price range, which is especially advantageous for those who are looking to spread their wings without having to invest a phenomenal amount of capital and resources.

GITH offers and manages seamless IT systems for small, medium and large businesses and their Call Centres / Contact Centres and you don’t have to be in India in order to connect to your partners or team members at our mobility centre. We will bring them to you as we have a number of easy-integrated solutions, which have been tested and perfected to apply to businesses as required.