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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and its importance for our clients has been on constant rise. To ensure that we keep up with demands of our clients across the world, and that they have a dynamic online social presence, we’ve acquired a team of professionals adept in social media planning and optimization. In its offering related to social media marketing services,India based Gurgaon IT Hub offers various customized packages.

Our social media service strategists are experienced and trained on various social media platforms and have sound knowledge of professional SEO - Content writing as well. Apart from handling various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc., our social media strategists can also develop content for blogs, microsites, mobiles and other such specific platforms with ease.

The social media services we provide include:

  •     Creating company profile, updating and following up on various social media platforms
  •     Generating unique content as per the requirement of the social media platform (for e.g. Twitter)
  •     Creating engaging content for the social media sites to keep the interest of the subscribers intact
  •     Posting dynamic and promotional content, offers, discounts, launches, quizzes, games etc. to enhance user participation and subscription
  •     Following up and replying to the queries made on social media pages with regard to the company’s services or products

Many social media platforms like Facebook allow paid advertisement and promotion on their sites; our social media strategist can run that campaign for you successfully. Based on the budget you set for your social media marketing, our strategists can help you generate and run a successful multi - channel ad campaign.

Engage with our Social Media Strategists today to learn more about online reputation management and Online PR strategies in detail.